South Midlands Budgerigar Society

Bedfordshire BS 2016

The Society staged their successful open silver championship show in July and had an increase in total entry of 421 from 28 exhibitors and benched 372 for Dave Guppy, Ron Payne & Terry Sadler to judge. The father & son partnership of Alex & Dave Woan came out triumphant by winning both major awards. Their spangle light green cock of good width of head & shoulder captured the supreme award of best in show and best any age while their cobalt cock was awarded the best young bird in show award. Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser won the best any age opposite sex award with a cinnamon yellowface skyblue hen while Connor Hickman won the best young bird opposite sex award with a grey hen.


In the champion section the Woan partnership headed the any age section with their best in show spangle green cock which was followed by their spangle grey cock in second place. Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser were third with their yellowface cinnamon skyblue hen. The Woan partnership was top in the champion young bird section with their cobalt cock. Connor Hickman was second with a skyblue cock and his grey hen was in third position.


Ian Ward was very disappointed for the second year running to discover that he was the only exhibitor in the intermediate section. His light green cock headed the any age section followed by a grey green cock and cinnamon grey green cock. There were no young birds in this section


John LeMarquand headed the novice adult section with a dark green cock followed by his yellowface grey cock in second place. A half circular crest yellowface skyblue cock was placed third best for Cyril, David & Jini Sharpe partnership. Nigel Carman had a field day in the novice young bird section winning the first five placing. His light green cock was best followed by his opaline cinnamon grey green hen and cobalt cock.


In the beginner section Graham Paine headed both the any age & young bird sections. His dominant pied light green cock was best any age and his skyblue cock was third best. Separating the two was Mick Hill’s grey cock in second place. Graham Paine headed the young bird section with a skyblue cock and also won third position with a grey green cock. Newcomer Ehtasham Anwar showing for the first time was second with a light green hen.


There were 15 pairs benched and the best pair was won by Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser with a pair of skyblues. The best team from 6 benched was 4 spangle light green cocks of Alex & Dave Woan. The best colour budgerigar was won by Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser with a dominant pied light green cock.  



Best of colour awards went to I. Ward (light green, grey green), C. Hickman (dark factor green, cinnamon green), A & D Woan (skyblue, dark factor blue, cinnamon blue, opaline cinnamon, spangle green, spangle blue, aoc), G & P Norris (grey, lutino, recessive pied), J. McKenna (opaline green), A & T Terheege (opaline blue), G & J Al-Nasser (albino, crest, yellowface), B. Taylor (yellow-wing, whitewing), C. Potter (double factor spangle), G. Paine (dominant pied), S & R Clarke (rare variety), J. Mitchell (clearbody).

Beds BS President 2016

John Bland President 2015 welcomes the new President Mick Hill.