South Midlands Budgerigar Society

Bedfordshire BS 2017

The Society staged their open silver championship show in July with an entry to 414 from 26 exhibitors and benched 348 for Adrian and Trevor Terheege and Cy Thorne to judge. Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser came out triumphant with their cobalt cock of good width of head and shoulder which captured the supreme award of best in show and best young bird in show. Geoff Capes staged a wonderful skyblue cock to win the best any age award. Alan Haynes won the best any age opposite sex award with an opaline cinnamon skyblue hen while Perry Henson won the best young bird opposite sex award with a yellowface cinnamon grey hen.

In the champion section Geoff Capes headed the any age section with his best any age in show skyblue cock which was followed by Ghalib and Janice’s cobalt cock in second place. Perry Henson was third with an opaline skyblue cock. The Al-Nasser’s partnership was top in the champion young bird section with their best in show cobalt cock followed by their spangle opaline cobalt cock in second place. Perry Henson was third with his yellowface cinnamon grey hen.

Sadly there were no intermediate exhibitors, which was partly the reason for the drop in entry.

Nigel Carman headed the novice adult section with a skyblue cock followed by his opaline skyblue cock in third place. Separating the two was Jon Ashby’s dominant pied cobalt cock in second place. An opaline dark green hen won the novice young bird award for John Le Marquand while Nigel Carman occupied second and third place with a dark green and skyblue cocks.

In the beginner section Graham Paine commanded both the any age and young bird sections. His dominant pied light green cock was best any age followed by his dark green cock in second place. Phil Tsirigotis was third with a skyblue cock. Graham Paine dominated the young bird section by winning the first three places with a light green cock, spangle green cock and a spangle opaline cobalt hen. 

Oliver Williams was the only exhibitor in the junior section and won all the awards. His yellow-wing light green cock headed the any age section while his opaline light green cock was the winner of the young bird section.

There were 13 pairs entered and the best pair was won by Simon Gage with a pair of cobalts. The best team from 6 benched was two lutino pairs of Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser. The best colour budgerigar was won by Simon Williams with a light green hen. 


Best of colour awards went to G. Paine (light green), S. Gage (dark factor green), G. Capes (skyblue, grey), G and J Al-Nasser (dark factor blue, whitewing, crest, spangle blue), D. Turner (grey green, lutino, any other colour), John Le Marquand (opaline green), P. Henson (opaline blue, yellowface), J. Punchard (cinnamon green, cinnamon blue), A. Haynes (opaline cinnamon), J. Mitchell (albino, clearbody), O. Williams (yellow-wing), C. Potter (spangle green), B. Whitlock (double factor spangle), J. Ashby (dominant pied), R. Willmore (recessive pied), S & R Clarke (rare variety).

Cambridge BS 2017

The show received a good entry of 434 from 37 exhibitors of which 367 were benched for Jeff Attwood, Brian Reese, Maurice Roberts and Rick Watts to judge. It was the turn of the partnerships to win the major awards and the judges selected Sandra & James Gillan’s skyblue cock as the Best Any Age and Best in Show. The Best Young Bird award was a cobalt cock from Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser stud while Gren & Pat Norris won both Opposite Sex awards with two spangle cinnamon violet hens.


The Norris’ spangle hen headed the champion any age section followed by David Turner’s lutino cock in second place. Dave Tutty’s grey green cock was third best. The Al-Nasser’s cobalt cock headed the champion young bird section while Connor Hickman occupied the next two places with a cinnamon grey and spangle grey cocks.


The Gillan’s best in show skyblue cock headed the intermediate any age section and they also occupied second and third placing with a dominant pied cinnamon grey green and cobalt cocks. Peter & Sandra Stevens won the young bird section with a spangle cobalt cock while Sandra & James Gillan were second with a yellowface skyblue cock. Graham & Andrew Hill were third with a grey green hen.


In the novice section David Duncan headed the any age section with a grey cock while Nigel Carman was second with a skyblue cock. John Le Marquand was third with a light green cock. Nigel Carman won the young bird section with a dark green cock followed by John Ashby’s light green hen and light green cock in second and third place.


Simon Wright won the beginner any age section with a skyblue cock. This was followed by John McKenna’s cinnamon light green cock in second place. Alan Reid was third with a spangle light green hen. John McKenna occupied the first two places in the young bird section with a dark green and cobalt cocks while Simon Wright was third with a cinnamon cobalt hen.


Millie Roberts was the only junior exhibitor and she won the any age section with a light green cock followed by a yellowface grey cock. Her double factor spangle yellow hen headed the young bird section followed by her dominant pied grey green cock in second place.


There were 8 pairs benched and Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser won the class with a pair of cinnamon greys followed by Adrian & Trevor Terheege’s skyblues and Bev & Laura Hutt’s skyblues. Ghalib & Janice also won the team class with 2 pairs of lutinos followed by Bev & Laura’s 2 pairs of light greens. In the colour budgerigars there were 5 birds entered in the two classes by 3 exhibitors and Ghalib & Janice won the normal class with a cobalt cock followed by Cyril, David & Jini Sharpe’s cobalt cock. In the any other variety class the Al-Nasser’s won it and best overall colour budgerigar with a dominant pied opaline light green cock. Cyril, David & Jini Sharpe were second with a spangle light green cock followed by David & Linda Rafis’ recessive pied grey cock.



Best of colour awards: C. Hickman, light green, spangle green; D. Tutty, dark factor green, grey green; S & J Gillan, skyblue, dark factor blue, grey, dominant pied; P & S Stevens, opaline green; A & T Terheege, opaline blue, opaline cinnamon, any other colour; J. Ashby, cinnamon green; D. Turner, cinnamon blue, lutino; J. Mitchell, albino; D & L Rafis, yellow-wing, rare variety; G & J Al-Nasser, whitewing, yellowface; C, D & J Sharpe, crest; G & P Norris, spangle blue, double factor spangle, recessive pied, clearbody.

Beds BS President 2017

Mick Hill President 2016 welcomes the new President Sue Clark