South Midlands Budgerigar Society

SOUTH MIDLANDS BS Area Open Show 2017

The society had a similar numbers to last year entry for its area championship show at the end of October with a total entry of 508 of which 411 were benched from 42 exhibitors. The judges on this occasion were a team from Wales; Dominic Avo, Bob Francis, Dave Game & Gary Hale.

Sandra & James Gillan repeated their success for the third consecutive year by winning best any age and best in show with the quality skyblue cock while Connor Hickman repeated his success from last year by winning best young bird in show with a cinnamon grey cock. Gren & Pat Norris won the any age opposite sex award with a double factor spangle white hen while Gavin Carter won the best young bird opposite sex with a quality dominant pied cinnamon violet hen.

The champion section was very strong as always with 23 exhibitors (3 more than last year) and toping the any age section was a powerful spangle cinnamon grey cock belongs to Gren & Pat Norris who also occupied third position with their opposite sex hen. Separating the two was Geoff Murrell’s yellowface skyblue cock. Connor Hickman’s cinnamon grey cock headed the young bird section followed by Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser spangle grey cock in second place. Dave Leadbetter was third best with a grey cock.

Only 4 exhibitors competed in the intermediate section and the Gillan’s mother & son partnership headed the any age section with their best in show skyblue cock and were second & third best with a cobalt and dominant pied cinnamon grey green cocks. Peter & Sandra Stevens won the young bird section with a cinnamon skyblue cock and were second best with a dominant pied cobalt cock.  The Gillan partnership had a grey cock in third place.

There were 5 exhibitors in the novice section and Nigel Carman’s skyblue cock came on top in the any age section while Mark Bannister followed in second place with a grey green cock and a spangle light green cock in third place. Mark Bannister was the clear winner in the young bird section winning the first three places with an albino cock, spangle cinnamon light green hen and a grey green cock.

The beginner section had 8 exhibitors and Gary Simpson headed the any age section with a light green cock. John McKenna was second with an opaline light green cock while B & S Wright were third with a light green hen. Graham Paine dominated the young bird section winning the first three places with a spangle light green, dominant pied cinnamon grey green and cinnamon light green cocks.

Two exhibitors entered birds in the junior section but only one benched the birds and Tiffany Newson won all the awards. In the any age section she won with a lutino, light green & spangle skyblue cocks while in the young bird section she won with spangle cobalt and dominant pied light green cocks and lutino hen.

Ghalib & Janice Al-Nasser won the pair class with spangle light greens followed by their cinnamon greys in second place.

Only one team of 2 pairs of lutinos was benched by the Al-Nasser’s.


Ghalib & Janice won best colour budgerigar with a cobalt cock while Cyril, David & Jini Sharpe won the any other colour class with a spangle cock.

 Any age best of colour awards: G. Murrells, light green, grey green, opaline green, yellowface; C. Hickman, dark factor green, grey; S & J Gillan, skyblue, dominant pied; G. Carter, dark factor blue, spangle green; P. Henson, opaline blue; D. Tutty, cinnamon green; D. Leadbetter, cinnamon blue; C. Thorne, opaline cinnamon, clearbody; G & P Norris, lutino, albino, spangle blue, double factor spangle, recessive pied; B. Taylor, yellow-wing; M. Lewis, whitewing; G & J Al-Nasser, crest, rare variety; Terheege & Roby, any other colour.

Young bird best of colour awards: G. Carter, light green, dark factor green, opaline green, dominant pied, yellowface; P & S Stevens, skyblue, opaline blue; C. Potter, dark factor blue; G. Simpson, grey green, lutino; D. Leadbetter, grey; D. Tutty, cinnamon green, opaline cinnamon; C. Hickman, cinnamon blue; M. Bannister, albino; M. Lewis, yellow-wing, whitewing; Widdowson & Wilson, crest, double factor spangle; G. Paine, spangle green; G & J Al-Nasser, spangle blue; G & P Norris, recessive pied; S & R Clarke, rare variety; C. Thorne, clearbody; Terheege & Roby, any other colour.

Specialist & Rare variety show 2017

The Society held its successful Specialist & Rare Variety Show incorporating the Young Stock Show in June with an entry of 162 in the specialist & rare show of which 133 were benched and 56 in the young stock show from 23 exhibitors. The judges were Alister Easdon and Adrian Terheege (specialist and rare) and Emma Roby (young stock). At the show Bev Hutt, the outgoing president passed on the society’s chain of office to the new president Jethmalani (Jini) Sharpe who was unable to attend the AGM in February.

Challenge certificates winners: Lutino, Spangle Blue, DF Spangle and Recessive Pied, G and P Norris; Albino, J W Mitchell; Yellow-wing, M Lewis; Whitewing, Crest, Dominant Pied and Coloured Budgerigar, G and J Al-Nasser; Spangle Green and Team, S. Roberts; Yellow face, C Hickman; Rare Variety, S and R Clarke; Clearbody and Any Other Colour, D A Turner


In the young stock show Ghalib and Janice Al-Nasser won the best young bird in Show with a cobalt cock while Bev and Laura Hutt won the best adult in show with a skyblue cock.

The Al-Nasser’s headed the champion young bird section with their cobalt cock and they also won second and third best with a goldenface grey hen and cinnamon grey cock. Bev and Laura won the champion any age award with their skyblue cock.

Unfortunately there were no intermediate or beginner exhibitors but John Le Marquand headed the novice young bird with an opaline dark green hen followed by his yellowface opaline grey hen in second place while Mick Lewis was third with a whitewing cobalt cock.


Millie Roberts won both junior sections with a young grey green cock and an adult grey green hen.



 Summarised Report of the General Council Meeting of the Budgerigar Society held on 20th February 2016 at the Budgerigar Society Office with the following decisions being ratified:

A minute’s silence was observed in memory of the recent losses of 3 Past BS Presidents: George Booth, Dennis Brown & Ray Brown and a past Councillor, Clifton Wixon.
Terry Sadler & Sam Wildes were admitted to the Main Judges Panel while Alan Melvin & Kirk Morrison were admitted to the Subsidiary Judges Panel. Harry Hockaday has rejoined the Main Judges Panel from the Retired Panel. It was agreed that Alister Easdon can re-join the Main Judges Panel in 2017 if he satisfies the criteria of showing at two shows during 2016.
Bob Allen & Brian Illingworth retired from the Main Judges Panel while Alistair Macaulay, Bill Searle & Ray Steele joined the Retired Judges Panel.
The B.S. Show Cage Inspector reported that, despite very minor discrepancies between the new approved plastic show cage and the current B.S. wooden show cage, if the cages were to be used in a show they would go unnoticed. More details will be obtained on the logistics of obtaining these cages from the manufacturer.
Delivery of plastic rings was on time as were the metal rings. A very few members highlighted some concerns with the plastic rings including their rigidity, font size, distinction of flat and legibility. Members were thanked for their valuable feedback and the manufacturer has improved on these aspects and are still working on making the flat edge more pronounced.
The Judges Meeting to be held on Sunday 24th April at Bugbrooke will be open to all members. The AGM to commence at 11.00 hrs followed by lunch, which must be booked in advance, then three presentations commencing at 13.00 hrs. Speakers are Grant Findlay on Judging Procedure, Maurice Roberts on Consistency in Judging including Directives & Major Faults, and Ghalib Al-Nasser on Faults in Budgerigars. There will be a selection of lesser varieties, colour budgerigars, longtails, pairs & teams on display for viewing & discussion.
With the recognition of the Colour Budgerigar it was agreed to add 2 classes for them in all championship shows within the main mandatory classification. The variety to receive a challenge certificate worth nil points and the benched entry to count towards the total entry just as the Pairs & Teams.
A presentation to be made to Dr. John Baker for his long services to the Society with the VDS and his name to be recommended to the AGM for Honorary Life Membership.
A Rules Sub-Committee to meet to look at the Society rules and see where revision is necessary.
A few teething problems were experienced by some members with the new VDS run by the University of Edinburgh. The Society Administrator will communicate with Kevin Eatwell who is heading up the Service in an attempt to make the service easier & quicker for members to use.
Natural History Museum have requested specimens of deceased quality budgerigars to add to their collection in the Museum. Members are requested to assist the Museum with this project.
The Promotional Administrator was congratulated on his efforts in securing a sponsorship deal with Bird Pro to sponsor rosettes to all patronage shows including the Club Show over the next two years. Country Wide, Birdcare Co, Cage & Avian Solutions are to continue with their sponsorship to the Society. Negotiations are still ongoing with the EBF re-sponsorship.
Membership stood at 2,429 at the end of 2015 which was a slight decrease of 88 on the previous year. Over 30 members were reported as deceased in 2015
Website sub-committee gave their recommendations to upgrade the website which was approved and will commence work on it.
The Area Society sub-committee met to look at ways to improve a closer working relationship with the area societies. It was agreed to produce a power point presentation to include a brief history of the BS, how the GC is made up and to encourage members to nominate themselves to the GC, what the BS does and can do for the area societies, highlighting the various areas where area society input like nominations for judges to the Club Show, BS Silver Bird, President, Show Administrator of the Year etc. All council members to receive a copy and for them to spread the message to the Area Societies and their members. 
Some  Area Societies have already responded re-holding a mini spring event in either 2017 or 2018 with a social evening on Saturday and AGM on the Sunday or a Convention in 2020. Deadline for replies is the end of March.
Correspondence received, discussed and updates given from Mrs. B. Hutt (BS President’s Chain of Office), J. Attwood (Longtails & abuse of judges on facebook. A statement to appear in The Budgerigar deploring such behaviour), N. Beevers (Judge’s Fee), T. Terheege (various topics), R. Simpson (Supreme Champion Status, a sub-committee was formed to investigate the merit of this concept) & from various societies re-patronage.
A letter received from Gren Norris thanking the B.S. for nominating him for the WBO Gould Award which he won.